Ramparts is a European law firm based in Gibraltar and in the UK. 
Our team is qualified to provide legal advice on English, Gibraltar and European law - we support clients in the e-commerce and financial services sectors on a wide range of multi-national legal and corporate issues. 
We bring an international perspective and a multi-disciplinary approach to the services we provide - having particular expertise in the applicable laws and appropriate structures for cross-border activities. Our practice is to ensure that the solutions we provide are as innovative as necessary to meet the objectives whilst being as simple as the commercial objectives permit. 

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Eversheds operates at the leading edge of business. Recognised by Acritas as a Global Elite Law Firm, the firm regularly advises on billion dollar deals and high profile cases on behalf of the world’s most powerful corporations and financial institutions. The firm is unique in its multi-jurisdictional project management approach and commitment to seamless service delivery across its 50+ offices. Evershed’s lawyers provide top quality legal advice whether they are operating locally or across borders from our bases in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Africa.

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Benoolend is a firm based in France offering alternative finance solutions. They are dedicated to access to energy projects in developing countries with a focus in rural electrification. To be close to funders and project owners, Benoolend combines a crowdfunding platform to a cloud banking technology. Benoolend goal through is crowdfunding platform is to bring together firms, institutions and individuals to co-invest in off-grid renewable energy projects with a measurable socioeconomic impact while providing an acceptable financial return.Through their cloud banking solution their aim is to facilitate processes with underbanked project owners and provide qualitative data to funders.

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CMNTY Corporation develops software and best practices for community research and community engagement. Our customers are mostly market research agencies, branding agencies and customer engagement firms. These companies choose to focus on their own strengths and leave the development of high-end community tools to an experienced technology partner.  With over 8 years of experience in building community platforms and training corporate teams, CMNTY Corporation is a trusted partner to many firms all over the world.

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